Sunday, 22 October 2017

Labour has all the answers?

Mrs. May has been busy trying to convince the the Europeans that they should proceed to the next stage in the Brexit talks, which is to talk Trade! Unfortunately, despite what they say, they do not want to progress to the next stage until they get assurances on several matters of importance to them, for example, the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland and what will happen with E.U. citizens residing here after Brexit officially happens in March 2019.

What the E.U. wants is money, money, money, not a Trade Deal. We may just as well walk out now and save ourselves a lot of work.

Whilst all this is going on, the Labour Party is forging ahead, promising everything it can to get people to vote for them once we have lost all faith in the Conservative Party. Their list of promises is endless but so far no-one has come up with the answer to where the money will be coming from.

However, with our National Health Service floundering, with waiting lists getting longer and longer and visits to the Accident and Emergency Department of the local hospitals taking four hours and more, people are becoming more and more worried about the future. At my own doctor's surgery I now have to wait two weeks for an appointment! I've never known it so bad.

So does the Labour Party have the answer to that problem? I doubt it, but I do believe that unless the Conservatives, under Mrs. May, can make some improvements and quick, people will be turning to the Labour Party in droves.

I was a great admirer of Nigel Farage until he went to America and sucked up to Donald Trump. Now, I don't trust him. What in the world was he thinking of to do that? Perhaps he thought that he would gain influence and become a negotiator with the E.U. backed up by the new President. I think we all know now that Donald Trump's word is not to be trusted. He changes his mind every day.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

4th Round of Brexit negotiations - 25th September 2017

David Davies and Michel Barnier met again today for the 4th round of the Brexit trade negotiations.
Following Mrs. May's speech in Florence last Friday, it was hoped that the negotiations could start to progress with regards to trade, but, as expected, Michel Barnier is again prevaricating. Now he wants more detail from Mrs. May. He wants clarification on the rights of E.U. citizens in the U.K., what will happen to the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland and the question of the European Court's supremacy.

This discussion will go on for ever and ever. I fear we must leave without a trade deal. That would be the best outcome because you can't negotiate with people who don't want to negotiate. We are just a cash cow to be milked by the E.U. as they see it.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Mrs. May's speech at Florence - 22nd September 2017

Mrs. May went to Florence to deliver her speech regarding a smoothing over of the wrinkles in the Brexit negotiations.  The next set of negotiations take place on Monday 25th September when David Davies will again meet up with Michel Barnier. The hope is that talks on trade can start following Mrs. May's decision to extend the transition period after Brexit for a further two years. She also said that Britain would be paying an undisclosed figure as an exit payment.

Here is the speech:

Unfortunately, I don't think it will make any difference to the negotiations. Michel Barnier and his friends in the E.U. will hold out until they get what they want, which will be never. Their sole aim is to keep Britain paying in to the E.U. budget forever.

Friday, 1 September 2017

3rd Round of talks with the E.U. reach stalemate.

The third round of talks with the E.U. negotiator, Michel Barnier, took place yesterday. David Davies reported afterwards that no progress has been made.

Michel Barnier, representing all the other E.U. members, will not discuss trade until the 'divorce settlement' has been agreed. The E.U. has requested that Britain pay 60 billion euros before negotiations on trade can take place and this is seen as blackmail by Britain.

Meanwhile businesses both here in Britain and abroad in Europe are pressing to get on with the discussions because time is moving ever faster towards the deadline of March 2019 when Britain will officially be out of the E.U.

Mrs. May has been in Japan. The Japanese are on the verge of signing a trade agreement with the E.U. and Mrs. May was given assurance that once Britain is out of the E.U. a similar trade deal will occur between Japan and Britain. Again, there is frustration that events cannot be moved faster.  In the past Japan has seen Britain as a gateway into Europe.

Great Britain is a major player in Europe and cannot be held to ransom just because they want out of a club which has become more and more corrupt.

My opinion is that we should stop all the 'beating about the bush'. We should just walk away and see how quickly the European countries come back to us with their begging bowls. The E.U. need our money just to keep going. I predict that they will only last for about seven years once Britain has left the game.

According to today's Daily Mail, millions of British citizens, living in the E.U. will have their right to free healthcare protected.  Following talks in Brussels, the European Union has agreed to allow them to retain access to the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Post General Election June 2017

Sadly, Theresa May's call for a general election on June 8th 2017 did not go as planned.  She hoped to gain a majority in parliament, thus creating a strong and stable government to take us through Brexit. That didn't happen. Surprisingly more people voted for the Labour Party, egged on by Jeremy Corbyn's false promises of no more tuition fees for students, more money to support the police force and the National Health Service and more money to be spent on Social Care. He didn't say where the money would be coming from. I guess it was somewhere over the rainbow.

UKIP were defeated, many UKIP voters turning instead to Labour or the Conservatives or even the Liberal Democrat Party, who want to put a stop to Brexit all together.

As a result of the poor election results, Theresa May was forced to ask the Northern Irish party (Democratic Union Party) for support and that cost her dearly. 

So on that basis the negotiation with the European Union began in June with David Davies going across to Brussels to talk to Michel Barnier, the E.U.'s chief negotiator.  The main item on the table was what will happen to the E.U. citizens residing in Britain at the moment and likewise, what will happen to our U.K. citizens living in Europe. The talks will continue every two weeks, but for myself, I don't have much hope of there ever being a deal done because there are just too many obstacles in the way of agreement.

It is in the interests of the European Union to draw out the negotiations as long as possible because they want the money from Britain to continue to flow for as long as possible.

Brexit will take place on March 19th 2019 so as everyone keeps saying, the clock is ticking!

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Peers decide that Britain has a moral duty to make sure that Gibraltarians have a voice in E.U. talks.

The Daily Telegraph reports that peers have decided that Britain has a moral duty to make sure that Gibraltarians have a voice in the forthcoming E.U. talks.

See the link here.

Nearly 96% of Gibraltarians voted for Great Britain, to which they belong, to remain in the E.U.

The E.U. have said that Spain has a right to veto any decisions made during the E.U. negotiations, thus holding up the smooth running of the talks.

It's looking more and more likely that Theresa May will walk away without a deal.

The E.U.,who have stated they will 'punish' Britain for leaving the E.U. are throwing as many obstacles in the way as they can find, but at the end of the day, Britain will probably make deals with the countries within the E.U. regardless.

I remember, back in 1972, when we joined the Common Market, we did not sign up for all this political crap and the sooner we get out of it the better.

Friday, 10 March 2017

The E.U.'s plan for charging Britain to leave the E.U.

These are my personal thoughts on Brexit as it becomes a reality.

Last night's programme, presented by Laura Kuhnsberg, seemed to me to be biased on the side of The Remainers.  I have often wondered which side she was on?  Knowing the BBC has to remain impartial, it must be difficult for presenters not to show their true feelings! However, Mrs. May did a good job of hiding hers during the Referendum campaign, didn't she.

After watching last night's programme, I felt that Ian Duncan Smith spoke the most sense.  He has all along, in my opinion.  Boris Johnson shows a very optimistic approach and I like him for that, but Ian Duncan Smith seems very measured.

Apparently the E.U. is seeking to charge us an exit fee for leaving the E.U. This is, no doubt, to discourage other countries from doing the same, i.e. leaving the E.U.  It seems they want us to pay, anything between 0 and 69 billion pounds, before negotiations on trade deals can commence. Well I call that blackmail.  Since we import more that we export there, surely it is a case of the boot being on the other foot.  Perhaps we should be charging them for the opportunity of doing a trade deal with us after Brexit? They seek to punish Britain, but in so doing, they are merely shooting themselves in the foot.

Last week The Lords voted in an amendment to the exit bill, but they need to be careful when going against the will of the people.  Perhaps there are too many Lords?  A cull could be imminent. Their objections are only causing a delay, but if the delay becomes too tricky, we will surely just walk away from the negotiating table. Then the E.U. can come to us. We'll wait for the phone call!